Buddho EnerSense – Level 1

The Buddho EnerSense System of Healing is a complete health system combining ancient Tibetan and Indian healing methods.  From a purely physical standpoint, this method enhances the natural ability of the body’s capacity to heal, prevents susceptibility to disease, and promotes health in general.  This ancient system of healing uses special meditative techniques, breathing methods, and meditative movements to further develop awareness of subtle Chi energy.  From the mental aspect, this practice develops a calm mind with a powerful penetrative ability to see the mental processes that occur in our mind-body system.

This healing method has its origins in Tibet and was originally called Buddho.  It is now called EnerSense to provide a neutral meaning and to signify that it is not a religion.  Rather, it is a philosophy and a way of life.

NOTE: One does not have to be a practicing Buddhist to take this course.  However, students must have completed Reiki Jin Kei Do Second Degree to take this course.

 Course Cost: $300
Location: McLean, VA
Presented by: Keith Webb, Buddho EnerSense Master
Master Teacher, Reiki Jin Kei Do

 For more information and to register, contact Keith at reikeith@atmc.net or
call 910-200-7852.