Buddho EnerSense Second Degree Training with Khandro Kunzang

October 10-12, 2020.  
Teacher:  Khandro Kunzang.  
Cost:  $325 + $25 materials fee; $50 pre-registration
Pre-requisite, BES Level 1 (offered May 8-10, 2020)
Location:  Northern Virginia.  
To register:  contact Anne Aden at anneaden@earthlink.net or 240-675-1660

In this three-day workshop, students will continue their training in the Buddho-Enersence system of healing, as developed by Seiji Takamori. Topics include:

Buddho EnerSense Empowerment 2

Students will recieve the second Buddho-Enersense empowerment which serves to further activate key energy points and authorizes one to use two mantras. Another symbol will also be introduced.

Energy Anatomy

Our focus is on understanding the nature of the central channel; the vertical core of our innermost self. We compare the Hindu system of seven chakras with the Buddhist five chakra system. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the subtle elements within us as spheres of light. We truly are beings of light, and through the deep experiences of our own inner radiance, we are able to develop true, unconditional compassion without limits.

Meditation and Breathwork

Students learn the next two cycles of the Buddho Meditation – a profound practice of breathing through the subtle network of chakras. The ability to direct the flow of prana becomes more refined. Ultimately, the Buddho meditation guides you to awakening to your essential nature, that of all-pervasive, compassionate clear light, thus realizing that YOU ARE REIKI!

Cultivating Ki Flow

The next level of the Chi Nadi form is taught and practiced. At this level we begin to integrate the meditation methods learned with the flowing movements of the Chi Nadi practice; bringing the mind, the movement of the body, and breath into unification. Students learn additional visualizations that are used to create the ‘Body Mandala.’

Reiki Symbols

Students explore the secret meaning of the long distance Reiki symbol through practices using visualization and sound. You will learn another symbol used in the Buddho system of healing, and will receive verbal transmission for the Vajra Guru mantra.

History, Philosophy

We discuss the symbolism of the Vajra according to Tantric Buddhist view. A brief biography of Padmasambhava and his role in establishing this lineage of practice is told. Students recieve teachings on the Vajra Guru mantra, according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, including the origins of this mantra and its purpose.

Healing Practicum

Students learn an extended marma treatment with additional teachings on using pulse-point technique and a treatment of the Vajra Body. The use of the Body Mandala for self healing, treatments, and for long-distance healing is explained. At this final stage of training, students develop a comprehensive treatment protocol, incorporating all the methods learned in the Reiki Shindo program, thus providing a complete Reiki healing plan. The importance of using Reiki as compassionate service is emphasized.

October 10-12, 2020 (three days)  
Teacher:  Khandro Kunzang.  
Cost:  $325 + $25 materials fee; $50 pre-registration
Pre-requisite, BES Level 1 (offered May 8-10, 2020)
Location:  Northern Virginia.  
To register:  contact Anne Aden at anneaden@earthlink.net 

or call 240-675-1660

Khandro Kunzang photo courtesy of SaraswatiBhawan.org
Lama Khandro Kunzang
photo courtesy of SaraswatiBhawan.org

About Lama Khandro Kunzang:

Besides her Dharma activities, which are done on a volunteer and donation basis, Khandro Kunzang (AKA Judith Hitt) continues to earn her living teaching seminars on vibrational healing, using sound and energy. Raised as a multi-instrumentalist in a family of musicians, she studied at the Boston Conservatory of Music and worked as a studio musician, producing music accompaniments for kirtan and meditational music. She has been on the faculty of the International Harp Therapy Program for 20 years and travels twice a year to teach Harp Therapy. She also holds a baccalaureate degree in nursing, and founded the Center for Holistic Nursing Studies while working as a Rehab nurse in Vermont. At the same time, she studied various forms of body mind healing and received diplomas as a Massage Therapist, Resonant Kinesiologist and Reiki Master. Bringing her background in music and sound together with her healing work, she developed a unique method of using harmonic overtones and resonance to working with people recovering from strokes and other nervous system damage. Her work is featured in Jonathan Goldman’s Book, ‘Healing Sounds’, and she has been a keynote speaker for Symposiums on sound healing. She continues to teach Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho Ensersense seminars, a unique Buddhist-based system of energy healing. (Source: https://www.saraswatibhawan.org/lamas/)