Energy Clearing through Dowsing (Introductory 101 and Intermediate 202 Levels) Rodrigo Ortiz, Reiki Master

Dates: Saturday, February 1 & Sunday, February 2, 2020 (9:00 am – 5 pm)

Instructor: Rodrigo Ortiz – Reiki Jin Kei Do Master Teacher

The total course fee/investment is: $200 for the two days. A $100 deposit is required to reserve space in the training. For continuity of instruction, it is required to participate in both days.

TO REGISTER: Confirm your participation at:
The course fee is $200 for the two days. A $100 deposit is required to reserve space in the training. For continuity of instruction, it is required to participate in both days. There has been a lot of interest in this training and space is limited so please secure your reservation by sending a check, PayPal (PayPal.Me/earthndsky), Google Pay ( or Venmo (@Rodrigo-Ortiz-13)

Bobbers will be offered for sale for $10 each. Class handouts, dowsing charts as well as participation certificates are included and will be provided to attendees.

Location: A private residence in McLean, Virginia (disclosed after registration). 


Dowsing is a powerful tool to obtain information for energy clearing in healing as well as spiritual growth. Dowsing tools have been used for centuries to pierce the veil of the unknown. Today, they are used to find underground water, negative energy lay lines of the earth, in archaeology sites and by health practitioners to measure the energy field and remove blockages, among other uses.  At the completion of this course, you will have the core skills and develop enough confidence to perform energy clearings on yourself, your family and friends. Participants will receive participation certificates at completion. This is the first part of a three-part certification series and an advanced course/apprenticeship will be offered for those committed to furthering their dowsing expertise.

DAY ONE: Dowsing Beyond Duality 101 – Introduction to Dowsing
The first day of training focuses on developing full familiarity and confidence with dowsing, its tools and uses:
1. Introduction
· What is dowsing? How does it work? Uses of dowsing · Dowsing tools · Formulating dowsing statements and questions.
2. The mechanics of dowsing
· Choosing a pendulum · Learning to use the pendulum · Using dowsing charts · Learning to use the bobber · Using vibrational frequency charts / measuring the degree of improvement
3. Using Dowsing in your daily life
· Dowsing foods, water, and supplements ·  Pinpointing health challenges in our living environment · Dowsing the human energy field · Checking vibrational frequency
4. Dowsing for Spiritual Growth · Energy clearing process map · Dowsing the chakras for size, speed and shape · Measuring Life Force Energy (LFE) · Identifying and clearing blockages to LFE and energetic frequency · Identifying and clearing negative entities and clearing thought forms

DAY TWO: Dowsing Beyond Duality 202 – Intermediate Dowsing
During the second day you will practice and hone your skills by teaming with others in practical exercises to develop skills and confidence to assess energy blockages, remove them, use a full treatment protocol including healing practices.
5. Energy Anatomy
· The Chakra system · Chakra Structure and Functions · The Aura · The Grid-work or Energetic Connective Network
6. Dowsing practice
· Removing energetic patterns at birth · Compatibility of spirit guides · Identifying and removing psychic cords of attachment · Neutralizing negative effects of surrounding and places · Balancing systems · Identifying traumas present and past · Balancing the meridians · Clearing negative archetypes and bringing in positive archetypes · Balancing the brain
7. Dowsing for Prosperity
· For love, peace, freedom, and health · For protection and clearing · For Divine Timing · For Prosperity· Increasing the desire to live · Removing negative karmic influences · Clearing negative patterns · Clearing negative energies

Read more about this course by downloading this three page PDF.

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Instructor: Rodrigo Ortiz has trained with leading masters in the US, Jordan, Cyprus, Bolivia and Costa Rica over the last 25 years and also draws upon Reiki, Theta Healing and Pranic Healing methodologies to complement his intuitive skills, as well as sound, color, and dowsing energy clearing therapies. He has taken advanced dowsing courses from a member of the British Dowsing Association in Cyprus as well as Raymon Grace in the US. He has over 15 years of dowsing experience and maintains an active healing practice utilizing energy clearing. (