Reiki Winter Update

Dear All,

During Gilbert’s Zoom Tribute, we all spoke to his gift of compassion.   Without fail, he always reached out to ask, to listen, to offer.   We know these practices are embedded in the RJKD community because you live them, too.  I suspect that many of you have heard their call even more urgently over the past couple of weeks.  This may be in part because Gilbert’s transition cracked open our collective heart space, letting in even more love and light than ever.  I’m not sure what this actually means for you, but my hope is you pay attention, reflect, and reach out if you need a sounding board.  The threads of friendship and respect cross this community in profound ways.  Don’t hesitate to pull on those threads as you need them.  

With the widespread use of masks and availability of rapid testing, we are looking forward to offering an abbreviated schedule in 2022, with the possibility of returning to a full schedule in 2023.  Right now, this is what’s on tap for this year:

  • Late winter:  Pauline Reid is offering a free, four week Zoom Qi Gong program through the Oakton Public Library: You must register for each class individually; dates are February 25, March 4, 11, 18.  
  • Spring:  In person picnic.  Our assumption is that COVID is on the down swing and gathering outdoors will be on par with last spring and summer.  Stella is identifying a location, date to be decided.
  • Summer:
    • RJKD Level 2 with Stella and Anne – date to be decided
    • Reiki share at Julie’s – date to be decided
    • RJKD Level 1, possibly with Life with Cancer (if they resume in-person classes)
  • Fall – Retreat in Richmond.  We’ve had reservations for this on the books for two years now.  Most of the available spots are already filled.  Stella will sort through the paperwork by the end of March to give us some idea of how many, if any, open reservations are available.       
  • Winter –  December Holiday party in northern Virginia, depending on what’s happening with COVID at that time.

Much love,
Stella and Anne