Reiki Jin Kei Do Summer 2018 Newsletter

Reiki Jin Kei Do summer newsletterHello All – We just sent out the RJKD Summer newsletter yesterday which included updates about Khandro Kunzang’s visit and classes in July, upcoming Fall workshops,  Reiki Retreat and more!  If you didn’t receive the email, please send email to angelarobbva at and I will add you to the email distribution list!

Here’s the link to the summer newsletter:



Two Rooms Left for 2017 Reiki Retreat

Reserve your room by September 15!!!

12th Annual Reiki Jin Kei Do Retreat at Roslyn Center, Richmond VA
Reiki and Mindfulness
October 20- 22, 2017
All Reiki Jin Kei Do Practitioners are invited

10th Annual Reiki Retreat 2015

10th Annual Reiki Retreat 2015

The focus of the Retreat this year will be on Mindfulness in our lives along with the opportunity to do group Qigong and Chi Nadi exercises, and three group sessions of Reiki.  Evenings are spent socializing.

Please register by emailing Stella at by September 15th 2017! You can download the registration form by visiting: 


Reiki Jin Kei Do Retreat 2017 at Roslyn Center October 20-22, 2017

Reiki Jin Kei Do Retreat 2017

 Reiki and Mindfulness

 October 20- 22, 2017

All Reiki Jin Kei Do Practitioners are invited

  •  Explore the importance and depth of Mindfulness practices in our daily lives.
  • Share with old friends and discover new friends
  • Share Reiki Exchanges plus time in meditation and Qigong

Gilbert Gallego, Anne Aden, Stella Koch and Keith Webb invite all Reiki Jin Kei Do Practitioners to a residential Reiki retreat to be held at the Roslyn Retreat Center in Richmond, Virginia.  This will be the 12th year of retreats for our community.  For a lovely write up by Reiki Master Teacher Keith Webb celebrating the first ten years  of gatherings click 2015 Retreat ( ).   There is also a link in the article to a video that Karl and Angela Robb produced to honor that 10th anniversary celebration two years ago.

 The retreat provides members of the Reiki Jin Kei Do tradition an opportunity to meet and socialize with other members of the community in a relaxing and beautiful environment.  The retreat is designed so that all may participate in topics of interest to them or just experience the calming affect of the Retreat Center located on 150 beautiful wooded acres on the James River.  You are invited to see the facilities and accommodations on

The focus of the Retreat this year will be on Mindfulness in our lives along with the opportunity to do group Qigong and Chi Nadi exercises, and three group sessions of Reiki.  Evenings are spent socializing.

 Cost for the Retreat includes our use of all conference facilities, lodging in double-bed (2 beds) rooms or the dorm at Tucker Hall, Friday evening meal, three meals on Saturday and two meals on Sunday. Note that we only have only 24 spaces available for this Retreat and we have lowered the cost from last year.

  •  CostSingle:  $310
  • Double (per person):  $270
  • Dorm style room in Tucker Hall: $230 

Please send an email to to indicate you will be joining us at the retreat.    Deposits to Roslyn are due soon. 


Registration Form for Reiki Jin Kei Do Retreat – October 20-22 , 2017

$100 Deposit




1) Desire Vegetarian meals (please circle)   YES   NO

2) If you desire to room with some one specific, please indicate name_______________

Please make deposit checks out to Stella M. Koch and mail to 1056 Manning Street, Great Falls, VA 22066.

It has been our pleasure to share these retreats with you over these past many years .  We really do look forward to seeing you again this year.


2015 RJKD Retreat

by Reiki Master Keith Webb

10th Annual Reiki Retreat 2015

10th Annual Reiki Retreat 2015

If you missed the 10th annual RJKD retreat last year, you missed one of the best.

In celebration of the 10th Retreat, Angela and Karl Robb created a slide show from retreats past. All 20+ of us there ooh’ed and ahh’ed seeing friends from over the years.  Many were there this year, some were unable to make it, and others are sorely missed.   If you haven’t had a chance to view it, or would like to see it again, here’s the link.  It’s well worth your time.

Pat Fogle led us in the art of story-telling – a practice that was the primary focus of the retreat.  We were all asked to bring an object to the retreat that held meaning for us.  When it was time for story-telling we had the opportunity to share the story behind the object.  There were many poignant stories and many humorous stories.  Each and every story revealed the heart of the story-teller. Nico DeJong shared the story of a dear friend who mysteriously disappeared from his life. Angela Robb shared the story of how she and Karl met and fell in love.  Jessica Gallahan shared the story behind her son. As each story unfolded and hearts opened, the bonds between us all grew closer and closer.  By the end of the retreat on Sunday afternoon, not one of us wanted to break the magical spell that engulfed us all.

As each person shared, we all listened. We listened intently. We were fully engaged with the narrator, and we were fully engaged with each other. During breaks, we touched one another.  We hugged. We held hands. We looked into each other’s eyes.  We communicated non-verbally, as there were times when words were superfluous.

The personal sharing brought us all closer together than I have ever seen this group. There has always been an unusual trust amongst us, but with this retreat, I would venture to say that it would take hurricanes and tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanoes, and meteors smashing into the earth to break this trust.

The 2016 Retreat will be held again at the Roslyn Retreat Center near Richmond. VA.  The dates are September 30th -October 2nd.  They are in ink on my calendar.  I sincerely hope to see you there.

Keith Webb