Articles about Reiki

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Stress: How We Can Help Ourselves!
by Gilbert Gallego
Article developed for the National Parkinson’s Foundation

“Stress: an all encompassing word, so commonly used to depict a variety of modern anxieties and issues. Are the physical, mental, and emotional affects of stress real? Without a doubt, the side affects of modern-day stress are very real to those individuals that are currently living those stressors!”
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Book Review of : A Mindful Nation
by Keith Webb

In the recent months of campaign rhetoric, filled with exaggerations and misleading interpretations, it is refreshing to hear from a politician with a thoughtful, mindfulness-based approach to our nation’s problems.
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My Favorite Crystal
by Megumi Abiko

This information everyone who appreciate crystals! My dear friend Charlotte Kielbasa introduced me to these crystals called ANCHI during the NJ Reiki retreat this summer.  The more I have worked with ANCHI crystals and seen them in action, I had to share their info with you!!!

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Book Notes – August 2013
by Keith Webb

The last two books I have read have had strong references to Reiki. I expected the first to have Reiki  content, but the second one was a surprise.
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Journal of a Hospice Volunteer
by Keith Webb

A couple of years ago I took the training to be a volunteer with my local non-profit hospice organization. It was my desire to share Reiki with the hospice community – with patients, family members, caregivers, and staff.
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You never know who you will run into!
by Keith Webb
I’ve become a Qigong junkie and a dedicated student of Roger Jahnke, author of The Healer Within and The Healing Promises of Qi and founder of the Integral Institute of Qigong and Tai Chi (
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