Buddho EnerSense First Degree Class with Khandro Kunzang

May 8-10, 2020
Teacher:  Khandro Kunzang
Cost:  $325 + $25 materials fee; $50 pre-registration
Pre-requisite: RJKD Level 2  
NOTE:  this training is required for RJKD Mastership
Location:  Northern Virginia
To register:  contact Anne Aden at anneaden@earthlink.net or
call 240-675-1660

Buddho EnerSense First Degree begins the training in the advanced levels of the Reiki Jin Kei Do system of healing as taught by Seiji Takamori. These profound practices add depth and subtlety to one’s understanding of Reiki – the vast field of universal energy. They are truly a spiritual path to awakening. 

This three-day workshop will include the following topics:

Buddho Empowerment

In Buddho-Enersence First Degree, students recieve the first Buddho-Enersense empowerment, authorizing them to use the Buddho system of healing and its associated practices.

Energy Anatomy 

Students are introduced to the body of light, the system of subtle channels called nadis, and the subtler energies that course through them. We delve into the most subtle aspects of our being, the central channel, the solar and lunar channels, the nadi plexuses, and the points along the central channel where the chakras originate. This is our central core, where the absolute nature of our being

abides as points of light, and where our bodies intersect with the universe. In this Module students learn the inner geometry of the subtle nadis and how the chakras are situated, as well as the flows of prana and light.

Meditation and Breathwork 

Students learn the first three cycles of the Buddho meditation practice, based on the enlightened embodiment of compassion, Avalokiteshvara. We discuss the purpose and the process of ‘generation’ and ‘completion’ stage meditation methods, essential for developing a correct understanding of tantric visualization practices. Through the use of sacred geometrical images, known as yantras and bindus, students learn how to enter more deeply into meditative states, gaining profound insights into the subtle nature of one’s own mind. In addition, three breathing excersizes from Seiji Takamori are taught and practiced, and the visualization of the ‘three lights’ is introduced.

Cultivating Ki Flow 

The Buddho-Enersence teachings taught by Seiji Takamori include a unique form of Qi Gong, called Chi-Nadi. In the first degree training, students learn the first steps of the Chi Nadi practice; a flowing sequence of movements that purify and strengthen one’s body. By doing this pracitce, students develop more awareness to the subtle flows of energy in their body, and gain more conscious control over these flows. The Chi Nadi is an essential component in the Buddho system as it helps to circulate and integrate the energy generated through the meditation and breathwork practices.

History, Philosophy 

We discuss the origins of the Buddho practices and learn about the the sacred geometry of yantras, and the bindu principle. Vibrational healing using sound and light and its effects on the subtle body is discussed. In particular, we explore the Buddhist principle of ‘bodhicitta’, the awakened mind, and the arising of pure compassion. The role of the deity Avalokiteshvara is discussed and why these types of images are important for our spiritual development. Concepts such as relative truth and absolute truth, according to the Mahayana Buddhist view, are examined.

Reiki Symbols

We begin the exploration into the secret meaning of the ‘empowerment’ and ‘mental-emotional’ Reiki symbols, as well as learning three additional symbols that are part of the Buddho system.

Healing Practicum 

Students are introduced to the marmas: vital points on the body where consciousness and the body meet. The ‘pulse-point’ marma treatment, incorporating the main marma points along with meditation, is taught. Clinical indications for this form of treatment are learned.

Cost:  $325 + $25 materials fee; $50 pre-registration fee
Pre-requisite: RJKD Level 2  
NOTE:  this training is required for RJKD Mastership
Location:  Northern Virginia
To register:  contact Anne Aden at anneaden@earthlink.net or
call 240-675-1660

Khandro Kunzang photo courtesy of SaraswatiBhawan.org
Lama Khandro Kunzang
photo courtesy of SaraswatiBhawan.org

About Lama Khandro Kunzang:

Besides her Dharma activities, which are done on a volunteer and donation basis, Khandro Kunzang (AKA Judith Hitt) continues to earn her living teaching seminars on vibrational healing, using sound and energy. Raised as a multi-instrumentalist in a family of musicians, she studied at the Boston Conservatory of Music and worked as a studio musician, producing music accompaniments for kirtan and meditational music. She has been on the faculty of the International Harp Therapy Program for 20 years and travels twice a year to teach Harp Therapy. She also holds a baccalaureate degree in nursing, and founded the Center for Holistic Nursing Studies while working as a Rehab nurse in Vermont. At the same time, she studied various forms of body mind healing and received diplomas as a Massage Therapist, Resonant Kinesiologist and Reiki Master. Bringing her background in music and sound together with her healing work, she developed a unique method of using harmonic overtones and resonance to working with people recovering from strokes and other nervous system damage. Her work is featured in Jonathan Goldman’s Book, ‘Healing Sounds’, and she has been a keynote speaker for Symposiums on sound healing. She continues to teach Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho Ensersense seminars, a unique Buddhist-based system of energy healing. (Source: https://www.saraswatibhawan.org/lamas/)