Update on 2020 RJKD Classes and Events

Greetings, Dear Friends!

Stella, Gilbert and I want to reach out to you with gratitude — 

Thank you to those of you who are essential workers.  We hope you are staying safe in your daily travels and in all you do at work.  

Thank you to those who have become homebodies and are doing what is necessary to stop the spread of the virus and care for yourself and your loved ones.

Thank you all for being a part of this Reiki community, for reaching out to each other, and for offering healing energy to so many others in the world.  

In short, thank you for being you.

Based on our understanding of the virus and the probable need to maintain geographic distancing for several months, we have upended this year’s schedule.   While Angela will continue to update the website (reikijinkeido.org) as things change, here are the cancellations as of now:

BES 1 and 2, Kum Nye:  Khandro Kunzang has postponed her courses until 2021.   She expects to offer BES 1 and Kum Nye next spring and BES 2 in the fall.  Dates will be decided based on the status of Covid-19, her schedule and ability to travel, and where we are on testing and availability of a vaccine.  
For those who are interested in continuing their studies in Kum Nye in the interim, Khandro Kunzang recommended the following resources through Dharma Publishing:  Overview of resources available through Dharma Publishing:   https://academy.dharmapublishing.com/pages/kum-nye-yoga
eKum Nye lessons:  https://academy.dharmapublishing.com/collections/ekum-nye
Reiki Jin Kei Do Mastership:  The mastership program, originally scheduled to kick off April 2020, has been postponed until a later date.

2021 Annual Retreat:  The annual retreat scheduled for October 2020, has been postponed until October 15-17, 2021.  

The one thing that will continue without interruption is the much needed Long Distance Healing (LDH) list.  As you know, Amy O’Brien has taken this on and distributes a revised list on the 19th of every month.  She is more than willing to field mid month requests when there is an immediate/critical need for Reiki.  In these cases, just send the requisite information (name, age, location, brief description of issue) to her with the request that she distribute an updated list as soon as she is able.  If you are a Level 2 practitioner and want to offer Reiki to those on the, please contact Amy directly at snaught1@gmail.com and she’ll get you started. As a general plug, please don’t hesitate to ask Amy to add your own name to the list while you are getting your sea legs during Covid-19.

We are here to help each other.  

Before signing off, I’d like to pass along information on a free class that seems perfect for these times:  The Science of Well-Being.  It was originally offered to students at Yale and is now available through coursera.com.  Stella enrolled and loves it.  Based on her praise, I signed up.  Despite being constitutionally unable to complete anything offered on line, I can say ’so far, so great.’  Of course, it’s probably enough to say that Stella is uber excited and thinks it’s a terrific course.   

Much love to you!
Stella, Gilbert, and Anne
Staying Grounded
From Anne:

We hope you are finding ways to stay grounded during this period of uncertainty.  Reiki and self care are integral to this.  In addition to self-reiki, we highly recommend the qi gong practice, Gathering Stars, which we taught in Level 1.  This will keep your body active, while settling your mind and steadying your breath.  Copy the following url into your browser to link to Gilbert Gallego¹s review of Gathering Stars: 


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