The Breathing Hour with Pauline Reid this Evening! (May 20)

Pauline is hosting another Breathing Hour where she will be sharing Qigong and meditation with those who would like to join her. Registration is required before attending (see link below)!

Pauline Reid, Qigong Instructor

Welcome to The Breathing Hour with Pauline Reid

A time and space to come together to Move, Breathe, & Be Using Qigong, Breath and Meditation, this hour is devoted to relaxation, healing and just Being.

Date: Wednesday May 20, 2020
Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Location: Zoom Meeting
Cost: Pay it Forward.
Suggestions: Donate to an organization helping those in need. Help a neighbor, friend or someone you don’t know. Support a small business. Write a letter to an old friend.

Register in advance with this link:
Upon registration Zoom will automatically send you the link to “Join the Meeting”

What people are saying about The Breathing Hour with Pauline Reid:

“It was my first class with you and I really liked how you made the practice so accessible.” C.T.
“Your class is by far my favorite Zoom encounter every week.” M.R.
“That was perfect. Just what I needed.” N.L.
“Wow, what a wonderful experience in yesterday’s Breathing Hour!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, light and wonderful movements!” A.R.
“Thank you again. It was an exceptional session!” A.A.

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